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Something About Store E Mart

Store E Mart proposes itself as a dynamic company, attentive to technological changes, willing to compete on the market with determination, professionalism and passion for what it proposes and realizes, presenting itself to companies as partners capable of identifying optimal solutions in the automation of business processes.

Application development on Laravel is one of the most popular branches in PHP development. The Laravel framework gained such trust in a very short time. The high development speed and the ability to expand using multiple modules or "assemblies" made it very popular.

Laravel is a PHP framework built with an eye on the simple and inexpensive process of writing code. For the application, this is a huge advantage in the future, clear and supported code. Create a super application with strong functionality and wide possibilities of refinement using one of the best PHP frameworks.

We offer website development on Laravel from scratch and turnkey. Finished projects are fully adapted for search engine promotion and launch of advertising campaigns. You get a resource with automated internal processes, convenient to manage and able to expand when tasks change. Such a site will work reliably and with high conversion rates.

  • Laravel integration and configuration
  • Application Development on Laravel
  • Laravel Web Development
  • Custom Laravel Solutions
  • Template development for Laravel
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Migration and modernization service

Our team has many years of experience in providing application development services at Laravel at competitive prices. To avoid any surprises after the completion of the project, our Laravel developers keep in touch with customers 24/7.

What We Do??

We specialize in creating unique resources, mobile applications and web applications for business. Therefore, the development of complex sites and other projects on Laravel is an integral part of our work, in which our developers have succeeded a lot. We have created hundreds of unique software solutions with multi-level architecture and non-standard functionality, which you can see in the portfolio. Therefore, we are confident that we can create for you not just a worker, but a truly effective resource that will be profitable.

Competitive pricing
Competitive pricing

With us you get true value for your money. Our highly profitable and reliable services guarantee you the maximum return on your investment. No hidden costs.

Proven Methodologies
Proven Methodologies

Experience with a diverse client base and the latest technology allows us to use advanced methods and proven methodologies.

24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support

We are extremely customer oriented, helping our customers 24/7. We offer the highest level of technical support using world-class communication systems.

ISO 9001 Processes
ISO 9001 Processes

The development processes implemented at Marat Company comply with ISO 9001: 2008 standards, which ensure high-performance execution throughout the entire project cycle.

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A Practical Digital marketing trainer, well versed with social media marketing and its strategies, a recommendable person, one who is looking for getting trained under experts should get in touch with !

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Raghu Valekar
Co-Founder - Homz N Space

A Practical Digital marketing trainer, well versed with social media marketing and its strategies, a recommendable person, one who is looking for getting trained under experts should get in touch with !

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Storeemart Quote
Storeemart client
Thomos Cook
Co-Founder - Homz N Space


Why store-e-mart !!

Why Storeemart?
  • Trajectory- Store E Mart was born with a mission of providing quality hosting to the most demanding web projects.
  • Security- We scan your sites for viruses and malware, and notify you if an infection is found.
  • Solutions- We provide solutions for your project: Domains, Professional Email, Online Stores, Web Hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated and much more.
  • Language- We speak your language, you will not have to speak English or see how to communicate, and our technicians can always understand and help you.
  • Uptime- We guarantee a stable Uptime of 99%. Our engineers work day and night to keep your sites fast and online.
  • 24X7 Technical support- Our specialists take care of the different communication routes 24 hours. 365 days a year, we are always for the customer.

Business Model

Website development on Laravel is suitable for online stores, marketplaces, booking services, various corporate resources. If you need a high-tech, high-performance solution, then this PHP-framework is chosen, as it is constantly updated and guarantees fast website performance. Thus, it compares favorably with most “boxed” solutions that provide extremely high server loads.

Laravel Framework is updated with a high frequency, which guarantees the safety of its use. It is perfect for dynamic web resources, applications, sites with a logical structure. In addition, here you can develop an individual administrative panel for any project tasks. The finished resource will be easy to manage and retain the ability to expand functionality.

Development at Laravel is carried out only after a discussion of the required tasks, the planned architecture of the project, the requirements for functionality and design. A team of specialists will work on your project, which will take into account all the business processes taking place in the company, discuss acceptable visualization, and develop a structure for easy navigation, taking into account the expectations of potential visitors.

Creating a site on Laravel consists of
the following steps

coordination of tasks
Development of project architecture
Design, programming and layout
Testing, launch

Quality process !!

The Store E Mart supports its clients throughout the system, from the digital consultancy phase to the launch and maintenance of their websites. By choosing us, you are choosing to be supported by PHP experts, who will provide you with a high-performance solution adapted to your needs.

At Store E Mart, we mainly use Laravel for all of our projects. Indeed, we have found via this framework a way for our customers to have modern and global technology. Laravel is a PHP framework born in 2011 and is considered to be the most modern and versatile framework currently. Its adaptability allows us to meet all the needs of our customers. We can manage all types of needs thanks to Laravel and thus meet all of our customers’ requests.

By using Laravel for your web projects, you trust the most used PHP framework in the world. Laravel updates are regular and offer a high level of security and speed on all of your web projects.

Security is a matter of great importance when we develop digital products that can determine, beyond the proper functioning, the success or failure of a project. Remember that the most important asset of a company is its information.

Quality process
Are you creating secure applications?

Occasionally the title of "backend" or "frontend" programmers are taken very seriously and some decide to leave all the responsibilities related to the issue of security to the organization's "sys-admin", but the reality is that in case of If a violation of the system occurs, these responsibilities are shared equally.

Get security in laravel
Get Security in Laravel

For those who work with Laravel, they will probably already be familiar with all the tools that the framework offers to help with the security issue such as CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection, Hashing, cookie encryption, etc.

Where do the most serious failures occur?
Where do the most serious failures occur?

Although it seems incredible, failures occur in basic tasks such as setting permissions in the directories of our applications. They would be surprised to know the number of applications that are running in production and that have security flaws for this issue.